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The day centres round the South Devon Railway. We're not railway enthusiasts, but it forms a part of the local community in which we live, and links Totnes and Buckfastleigh.

Here is a summary of the days events:

Everyone (well, Bride, excepted!) will be meeting up at Buckfastleigh train station at 11:30AM on the morning of the 17th. This is also where the evening reception will be taking place. Getting there is easy, and you can park there for free all day. If you arrive early, there's the railway museum, butterfly and otter sanctuary and the station cafe to visit if you feel inclined.

From the station we are taken by bus to Follaton house in Totnes.

If you really can't make the bus, then look here for directions to drive there. Here is a rather nice old print of what Follaton house used to look like before the council built onto the back of it. If you do have to drive to Follaton house, what we suggest you do is drive up to Buckfastleigh after the ceremony, then wait for the train at Buckfastleigh.

The ceremony will be at 12:30, then we'll have time outside to take photos and have a quick look at the arboretum before we all get onto the bus (this time with the bride!) to take us to Staverton train station.

At Staverton, we'll all get onto our steam train, which will head up towards Buckfastleigh where we'll have our lunch and just relax for the rest of the afternoon. The train will make its way down to Totnes and back again when we'll all have to disembark round about 4:45 so they can move the train away from the platform to let the scheduled service in. At this time we'll be releasing the balloons we've placed on the train.

The Evening...

At about 5:30 they'll bring the train back again and we can all get back on-board, now hopefully with a few early birds for the evening function.

The train will make a final journey to Totnes and back again when we'll all get off and go into the evening function in the station cafe which will have been dressed up for the evening by a few very good friends!

The evening function is a barn dance/ceilidh, so bring your dancing shoes and be prepared for a good old fashioned time! The band is called Lucy Lastic and we're told they are quite good!

There will be food in the evening made for us by some friends in Bristol, (and maybe even some cake if you are lucky!) but who comes to weddings for the food! We may interrupt the dancing for a speech or two, and maybe something else, but we promise to keep them as short as possible!

At the end of the evening... Well, who knows!


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